Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I recently found out that one of the books I just read and reviewed, The Devotion of Suspect X was made into a movie! How cool is that?  I will have to hunt it down and see if it follows the book, as many movies adapted from books do not.

 It's a gray, cold, wintery Tuesday here in Rochester, NY.  I'm ready to go somewhere warm for a while....too bad I still have 25 years or so to wait for retirement! Maybe my husband will land a job in the south or southwest somewhere! One can dream......

I started my lated ARC book, Trixie, last night.  It is the complete opposite of the previous book I read.  It's not a bad book so far, but it is written very philosophically and sometimes a little too "flowery" for my taste.  So far the story line is ok, so I will see what the next few chapters bring.

Hope everyone has a good day!   :)

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