Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Forever Girl: Forever Girl Series, Volume One: Sophia's Journey (Volume 1) by Rebecca Hamilton

I was a little bit hesitant about this book, knowing that it was a book about vampire-ish creatures and the supernatural (which I do like), but I shouldn't have worried at all.  This book was very well written, in my opinion, and the author was great at drawing you into the story, relating to the characters.  I was really sorry to see the book end! I see that this is Volume One of the Forever Girl Series; I WILL be looking for the next book in the series! Great job!

A Simple Murder by Eleanor Kuhns

I really liked this book! I'm a big fan of mysteries and historical fiction, so this book had both aspects of the things I enjoy.

This book is set around the year 1795 and focuses on the main character William Rees. William is a weaver by trade and travels all over the countryside to work. After his wife passed away, he let his sister and brother-in-law live at his farm in return for caring for his 13 year old son.  He came home a bit earlier than expected and found out that his son, David, had run away to the Shaker community a little ways away. He goes to this community to see his son, and gets roped into solving the murder of a young Shaker girl.

For being a first time author, I felt that Ms. Kuhns did a wonderful job.  I read for pleasure, not to analyze the books that I read,therefore, in my eyes, this was a great book. I hope that she will be writing more historical fiction; I would be very interested in reading more from this author.

An Infinite Number of Monkeys by Les Roberts

I really enjoyed this book.  Very well written with a great plot. It has a bit of everything in it ~ murder, mystery and romance.  I would definitely recommend this book if you like murder mysteries.

Whorticulture by Marie-Anne Mancio

I enjoyed reading this book. I liked how there were many short stories, but they were all intertwined with each other, drawing off of certain characters and creating a seperate story about them.  It was an easy, quick read; I will be looking for further works from this author.

Staying Human by Kyle Tobin

I am impressed with this book, the first from a young, talented author.  I really liked the storyline and he did pretty well forming his characters.  There was a lot of grammatical and spelling errors; however, better proofreading will easily fix this.  Good job for this first-time author!

The Catalyst - A Balancer Chronicle

I enjoyed this book for the most part.  Understanding that this book is a prequel to the next full-length book, I still thought that it was a little monotonous at some points.  All in all, this was an enjoyable read and I am looking forward to the next book!

The Parallel World by D.M. Henry

While I appreciate the hard work and attention to detail in this book, I had to put it down a quarter of the way through it, as there were just too many details to make it entertaining to me.  The author had a great story line, however, the descriptions of every "scene" were boring and too frequent. It took too long to get to the "meat" of the story.