Thursday, February 9, 2012

Calico Pennants by David A. Ross

I won this book from the Member Giveaways on Library Thing.

This book was very interesting and original.  It is a cross between historical fiction and the paranormal.
 At first, I didn't know how the two separate stories at the beginning of the book were tied together; Amelia Earhart and Julian Crosby were two characters from two different eras. Obviously, Amelia Earhart's story is set in the past, and Julian Crosby's story is set in present day. Their worlds collide in this book.

Julian Crosby is a 50 year old man, divorced with an almost-adult daughter, who had been forced to retire, and decides to go to Hawaii to relax and contemplate what to do with the rest of his life.  He buys a boat from a Hawaiian man and coming back from a side trip, the boat breaks down in the middle of the ocean. After drifting for a few days, he washes up on the shores of an island during a storm.

Meanwhile, the story of Amelia Earhart was being told.  Her plane went down on this same island.  A search was done, but nobody was able to find this island.

Julian and Amelia somehow meet on this island, where Amelia had found a so-called "fountain of youth", making her the same age as when she crashed the plane so long ago.

This was a very good book; I enjoyed reading it.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone and I will be looking for more books from this author!

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