Monday, July 11, 2011

Very Bad Men by Harry Dolan

I won this book from the Early Reviewers on Library Thing.

This is a very intricately written mystery. There are many characters to keep track of, however the author does a great job making you remember each character as they pertain to the story.

David Loogan is the editor/creator of a mystery story magazine called Gray Streets and lives with his girlfriend Elizabeth Waishkey, a detective, and her daughter. David is drawn into a murder mystery by Liz, and is helping to solve it with her. The victims of these murders are members of a group of bank robbers that had robbed a bank 17 years earlier. One by one, each of these former robbers are being murdered and this is the mystery they are trying to solve. There are many, many people in this book, and the plot is so intricate, it would take forever to try to form a synopsis that would do the book justice. So I will just end by saying that a reader will not be sorry, in my opinion, to read this book. Very good job and I look forward to reading more books by Harry Dolan in the future.

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