Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Inviolate by Michael Link

I won this book from Library Thing's Member Giveaways.

This book is very dark at times, but also very interesting.  It delves into pedophilia from both the victim's aspect as well as from the pedophiliac's point of view.

There are two characters who are depicted as pedophiliacs in this book and the history of the events leading to their crimes are explained, from innocent encounters to rape itself.  The first evolved pedophilac is a high school teenage boy who at first innocently explores sex with a girl much younger than himself, which evolves into him raping one girl and one woman. This book does not go into detail of the rapes, which I was very glad of, but does give a picture of what transpires in the victim's mind during the rapes.  The second character who is depicted as a pedophiliac is a 21 year old college student, who innocently falls for a very precocious twelve year old girl in his apartment building.  At first he sees himself as a friend and mentor to this girl, but soon realizes that he has feelings for this girl who seems much older for her age.  This girl takes liberties at seducing him and succeeds in kissing him and asks him to take her picture in the nude in a tasteful way.  He knows this is wrong, but cannot stop himself from doing this. Soon after, the girl and her mother move away and he doesn't see her again until years later.

This book depicts pedophilia from two opposite ends of the spectrum and goes into the victim's lives and shows the years of recovery that takes place after a violent rape in the first scenario and also looks at the "pedophiliac's" recovery of his own guilt, knowing that what he did crossed moral boundaries and how it affected his own life.

This is a good book, interesting and thought provoking and I would recommend it to those who don't mind reading about dark subject material and looking at pedophilia from a developmental aspect and how it affects all parties involved.

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