Friday, April 22, 2011

Lady Justice books by Robert Thornhill

I've decided to write a review on all three Lady Justice books at the same time.

These books were such a delight to read! They were quite humorous and entertaining throughout.  I did like the first two books, Lady Justice Takes a C.R.A.P. and Lady Justice and the Lost Tapes, a little bit more than the third book, Lady Justice Gets Lei'd.

These stories are about a retired realtor Walt Williams, who, after witnessing an elderly woman's purse get stolen, decides to join the police force as a "citizen patrol" officer.  He is partnered up with a big officer named Ox (nickname) and they fight crime together.  He lives in an apartment building that he owns and also has another building, a hotel for men down on their luck.  He has a wonderful girlfriend who is also a realtor and he is friends with many elderly people who live in his buildings. 

I really liked all three books.  I would definitely recommend these to anyone who enjoys mystery, humor and a little romance. I'm looking forward to more Walt Williams books!

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