Saturday, March 12, 2011

Coach From Warsaw by Irene Magers

I won this book from the Member Giveaways at Library Thing.

This was a fantastic book!  A little bit of romance, a little bit of intrigue, a little bit of history.  I was drawn into this story immediately, and it kept my attention throughout the entire book.

This is a story of Dorrit, who, with her father, escapes czarist Russia to settle in Berlin.  At the beginning of the book, Dorrit is a teenager, who becomes suspicious of her father's stories of why they happened to keep moving from city to city as soon as someone took too much notice of her and her beauty.  The secret finally comes out when she is getting ready to wed her beau, Baron Johann von Renz.  Her father reveals that he is not actually her father, but was married to her mother, who had an affair with Alexeyev Romanov, who was the son of a Russian grand duke, with direct blood ties to the czar. She learned that this man was actually her father.  Both he and her mother died when she was young, and her "father" took her away from Russia so that the parents of Alexeyev would not try to take her away from him.  He shortened their last name so that he would be harder to trace. 

Dorrit meets her husband, who is taken with her the moment he sets eyes on her.  They marry and honeymoon in Spain where he saves the life of a little boy.  They have two sons together, and when the war starts in Germany, Johann, a surgeon, decides to enlist as a field surgeon and goes off to war for two years. 

I don't want to give away any more information, so I will stop here, even though there is much, much more to this very intriguing book.  I see that there are two more books in this series and I am very much looking forward to reading these two books as well.  I definitely recommend this book to everyone!!

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